This is a training program for Medical Doctors, Mastering Brain Chemistry is a 5 day intensive syllabus presenting the power of nutrients to improve neurotransmitter function. The program provides a greater understanding of the biochemical imbalances commonly associated with mental illness, which, when combined with current treatment options, improves patient outcomes.

Interactive sessions with world class experts and live patient cases, allow you to see and learn, in real-time, the evaluation and diagnosis of patients with mental health and behavioural disorders.


What you will learn:

  1. Nutrient imbalances commonly associated with mental health
  2.  Specialised Laboratory testing to provide individual biomarkers of Biochemistry
  3. Effective nutrient protocols aimed at normalising blood/brain chemistry
  4. The role of epigenetics in mental health
  5. How to treat zinc deficiency, copper overload, histamine and folate imbalances, oxidative overload and other chemical imbalances
  6. How to apply the protocols in your own practice using Australian resources