About Bio-Balance

BioBalance Health’s primary aim is to make available in Australia, information on the use of a comprehensive biochemical assessment and advanced complementary nutritional treatment for a range of disorders including behavioural and learning conditions, ADD, ADHD, and Autism, as well as mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Techniques used are based on work originally developed by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer as well as world leading Doctors specializing in the treatment of Autism.William J. Walsh, PhD, who is an eminent biochemical researcher specialising in assessment and complementary treatment of psychiatric, behaviour and learning disorders, has further built on this work using techniques developed and refined by research over the last two decades at HRI-PTC, building on the earlier pioneering work of the late Dr Carl Pfeiffer at the Princeton Brain Bio-Center.William Walsh established the Walsh Research Institute in 2008 and is continuing this work together with world leading Doctors specializing in the treatment of Autism with remarkable outcomes.

BioBalance Health was initiated by two Australians in 1998 following their visit to Health Research Institute – Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed) in the USA and discussions there with William J. Walsh, PhD, founder and Scientific Director of HRI-PTC. They were so impressed with the work being done there in treating patients with mental and behavioural disorders and the outcomes being achieved, that they resolved to take action to make these assessment and treatment techniques available, and following their return to Australia, joined a number of like-minded Australians to set up Bio Balance Health.

After considerable preliminary work to ensure access to the required assessment facilities, Bio-Balance’s efforts resulted in Dr. William Walsh visiting Australia in 2004 to train an Australian doctor and to address public and doctor meetings in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. The success of this visit led to Dr. Walsh return to Sydney each year to conduct training for Australian and New Zealand doctors.

Bio Balance Health supports on a not-for-profit basis, the training of Doctors in Australia in these techniques and the assessment of patients at annual Medical Doctor Training Programs. This training is led by William J. Walsh, PhD of the Walsh Research Institute and world leading Doctors specializing in the treatment of Mental Health, Behaviour Disorders and Autism. Bio Balance Health Limited is a registered Charity and not-for-profit organization does not receive government funding and relies on Medical Doctor training programs, membership and supporter donations.